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Kerri in flying crow pose in a black yoga outfit on a black yoga mat on a rooftop patio in the sun


wholeness of mind|body|spirit

“Listening to and understanding our inner sufferings will resolve most of the problems we encounter”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Multiple exposure photo of Kerri in three different dance poses laying on the black dance floor



My path to becoming a therapist and wellness facilitator has been a vibrant tapestry of yoga, dance, and holistic practices. My love affair with yoga and dance began in my teenage years. After a brief hiatus, I returned to yoga to combat the stress of my undergraduate studies in Dance at York University. My yoga journey led me to the Modo Yoga community, where I completed my 500hr Modo Teacher Training in Kelowna BC in 2018. My commitment to holistic well-being deepened as I completed various other yoga trainings, including Kids Yoga Teacher certification, Trauma-informed Yoga training, Modo Calm Yin and Restorative Yoga training, and Modo Flow Vinyasa Yoga training.

My quest for holistic healing didn't stop there. In 2020, I delved into Mystical Numerology, followed by Breathwork and Mantra/Chanting practices in 2021, recognizing the diverse needs of my clients, especially during the pandemic. The culmination of my extensive training journey led me to graduate from Pratt Institute's Dance/Movement Therapy Masters of Science program in 2022, where I became a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist. I worked closely with adolescents and youth, specializing in facilitating group and individual therapy with youth who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+. Currently, I am on the path to becoming a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Registered Psychotherapist, further expanding my qualifications in 2023.

My approach to therapy, yoga teaching, and wellness is infused with curiosity and an open heart. My classes and treatments provide a nurturing space where individuals are empowered with the tools for their own healing journeys. I encourage my clients to embrace life with child-like freedom, enabling them to express their authentic selves in every moment. I believe in the profound connection of mental, spiritual, and physical health. I welcome all individuals with an open heart and an accepting embrace of whatever they bring to the healing space. Whether you seek yoga, dance therapy, reiki, or counseling, I am here to guide you on your path to holistic well-being.



Wholeness of Body/Mind/Spirit: DANCE/MOVEMENT THERAPY

I am a graduate of the Pratt Institute Masters of Dance/Movement Therapy in Brooklyn, NY. I am a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist with the American Dance Therapy Association and Dance Movement Therapy Association of Canada. Therapy sessions can occur one-on-one or in groups. I specialize in therapy for adolescents and youth but offer therapy to people in all walks of life. Go to the DMT tab to find out more!

price varies with type/length of session or workshop


Wholeness of Spirit: REIKI

Over the past six years I have been a practicing Master Reiki Practitioner. I am a Western Traditional Reiki Practitioner meaning that there is often physical touch in my sessions and a distance reiki option for people on other continents. Reiki assessments use crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, chakra testing and other tools to clear energetic blockages.

In Person:

30 Min - 60$ / 60 Min - 80$ / 90 Min -100$ 

Distance Reiki:

30 Min - 40$ / 60 Min - 60$ / 90 Min - 80$


Wholeness of Mind/Body: YOGA

I have been yoga teacher for over five years. I have many different trainings to teach many different styles and types of yoga classes. Classes include practices that are neurodivergent-friendly. Go to the yoga tab to find out more!

price varies with type/length of class


Wholeness of Body: DANCE

As a choreographer and graduate of York University's Dance Degree program I teach humans and dancers of all levels. These dance classes can be anything from a free form dance party to choreographing and learning your wedding dance. I choreograph the combo or the improvisation structure, you come and noodle around with me.  



Wholeness of Body/Mind/Spirit: BREATHWORK

Breath is one of the most untapped tools that we have to strengthen our immune response, lower heart rate and blood pressure, focus the mind, and calm the nervous system. Breathwork practice includes being taught and guided through different types of breath to suit your needs. 

price varies with length of session

price varies with type of class/choreography

Wholeness of Mind: MANTRA

Using seed chants, mantra meditation, singing bowls and voice as a sound healing tools. Vibrational energy uplifts naturally to the highest vibrating frequency around. Sound Healing allows for a beautiful background to meditation and yoga, a sleep scape or a gentle renewal of energy.


Wholeness of Spirit:

Mystical Numerology takes your full name and birth date and with the numbers they provide a chart is created and interpreted. This chart reflects your life path, your life lessons, lessons you need to learn now and the tools you have been given to become your best self. This chart interpretation  gives you an idea of how to use your energy in the best way possible. 

Written Summary - 66$

Phone/In Person - 88$

2-5 Min -$7

30 Min - $50

*recording or in person


Wholeness of Mind:

Guided meditation is a transformative practice where you will be lead through visualizations, breathwork practices, or intention setting. Meditation helps you explore your inner world, become aware of your body, your thoughts, and your surroundings. Guided meditation with me includes incorporating sound healing and chanting for an enhanced meditative experience.

ask about energy exchange as  payment 

5-10 Min -$20

30 Min - $50

*recording or in person

Dance/Movement Therapy

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 9.40.45 AM.png

Dance movement therapy (DMT) is based on the premise that thoughts, feelings and the experience of self are expressed through the body and movement. It is a relational process that integrates emotional, cognitive, physical and social aspects of self.


The DMT approach incorporates knowledge from psychotherapeutic approaches, psychology, sensorimotor and developmental movement, movement analysis and neuroscience. The elements of dance (body awareness, rhythm, time, space, gesture, posture, dynamics) are applied as a framework for exploration, discovery, learning and change. DMT focuses on movement behaviour as it emerges in the therapeutic relationship. Expressive, communicative, and adaptive behaviours are all considered for group and individual treatment.  Body movement, as the core component of dance, simultaneously provides the means of assessment and the mode of intervention.


price varies with length of class and number of yogis participating (50$ - 120$)

ask about energy exchange as payment 

Kerri sitting cross legged in a yoga studio mirror with a pink sports bra and black yoga pants

Private classes/personal coaching

Kerri leading a group of women in a yoga class on the grass overlooking a lake and mountain range

Bachelor/Bachelorette Yoga

Kerri laying on two stacked up yoga bolsters in heart bed pose on a purple patterned carpet

Restorative Yoga

Kerri in crow pose in a black sports bra and yoga pants on a black yoga mat on a rooftop patio

Group Classes

Kerri standing on a beach in dancer pose overlooking a dock, lake and mountain range

Kids (4+) and Family Yoga

Wholeness by Kerri Corporate logo made up of a spiral of triangles

Corporate Stretch/Yoga

A kitten laying on a grey yoga mat next to Kerris foot and Kerris hand on a cork block

Yin Yoga




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